A Generational Change

Gymnasium (Small)In days gone by, if you wanted to go to a gymnasium or fitness centre you would have gone to a specialised sports club that probably had a gymnasium, indoor cricket pitch, indoor netball court and possibly even a basketball court.

You would attend and either do a weights or cardio vascular work out, an instructed class or play one of the team sports.

But not any longer……Sure the above mentioned destinations still exist, but the latest craze has seen the way in which people want exercise change.  It’s called crossfit training and it is sweeping its way through the nation with huge popularity.

These gyms are using everything from industrial warehouses, commercial showrooms, anything that has open space from 300m2 to 800m2.  If you are an owner of an industrial unit or warehouse, chances are you may already have a crossfit gym as a tenant or may have been approached by one.

You should undertake a quick checklist prior to accepting a gym as a tenant;

1) Is the person operating a licensed or qualified personal trainer
2) How many gyms or personal trainers are in immediate area
3) Does the zoning allow for this usage
4) What are the Council requirements for this usage to take place in your premises
5) Are there any costs associated with upgrades – car parking, fire equipment, exits etc
6) Will peak times affect other tenants in the complex

I must admit I was a sceptic when these crossfit premises started emerging about three years ago!  But the writing is on the wall, public demand had seen many crossfit gyms kick off with huge success stories.

So if you are approached with a proposal for a crossfit gym to run from your premises, run through the checklist and maybe give it some thought…….it could be the way of the future.

Jason Morris
Raine & Horne Newcastle

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