Case Study – Cross Fit Lake Macquarie – A local success story

CrossfitBack in June 2013, I was approached by a local business partnership that were looking for a premise to open their cross fit gym.

Cross fit puts a modern day spin on fitness training that focuses on core strength and conditioning programs.  It has been hugely popular worldwide and is becoming more mainstream as time goes by.

The two self-confessed cross fit addicts were eager to rid their ordinary day jobs and embark on a bold new adventure and business.

They identified a property that we had for lease at Belmont that would be perfect for their use.  An industrial warehouse with exposure and signage to busy Pacific Highway and with a large customer on-site car park.

In September 2013 the deal was struck and Cross-Fit Lake Macquarie was born.

The Proprietors rallied their supporters, created social media pages and the attendees starting rolling in.

Now into their second (6) months of occupancy, Cross Fit Lake Macquarie has over (60) full-time members and continues to grow.

This is no fluke.  In a saturated fitness market where many people are trying to put their dreams into reality, the Proprietors needed to ensure they had a firm business plan which focused on the ability to grow their business, whilst not forgetting to make money and “a living” for themselves along the way.

These clients identified the appropriate property that balanced the affordability of rent and outgoings with the location and size of the property.  Many new businesses make the mistake of placing undue stress on their start-up by committing to properties because they either suit the rent they have allowed or the location they desire most.  Both these need to be balanced especially in the early days of the business.

A great local success story in which you could say…..they have gone from strength to strength!!

Jason Morris
Commercial/Industrial Specialist

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