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A quarter of another year has drifted past with the statisticians and economists rattling off
new numbers to help us understand how we are progressing. But can we understand? The St George Banks Economist Hans Kunnan at a recent breakfast says of the Hunter,  things are rosy; no worries go out and spend. Fancy a banker saying that? The Hunter  Research Foundations (HRF) Dr (I’m not an economist) Brent Jenkins basically said things  aren’t bad but why are we feeling … Read the full post »

It seems, as Novocastrians we are forever looking forward to change…..

harbourWe looked forward to change at the last state election and the opportunities of hope for a fairer hearing in Government. Four years on and it seems we are once again looking forward to the same thing – change. Yet this time we will be reliant on a new breed of young politicians of the Labour persuasion, in opposition. Let’s hope … Read the full post »

The Hunter Region Needs Change !

Baths B&W
Over the past few months some of Newcastle and the Hunters’ high profile individuals have been copping a pizzling by the media. A lot of this is just cyber bullying in the name of freedom of the press. Why then are we surprised to hear of kids being cyber bullied in the playground when from the time the News starts through to the current affairs programs they … Read the full post »

Spin Doctors at Play with Novacastrians or Selling the Dream Not Reality

GHD 37 (Small)Being a real estate agent, I’m well aware of the need to be upbeat and positive with everything I’m selling or leasing. People don’t want to believe the choices they make are wrong. So a good agent finds a positive spin in everything.

From the roughest property – “Develop and Prosper”, “Renovate and Reap” – to selling a dream where just a block of land sits, an agent’s spin … Read the full post »

It's Time to Invest – But Should we go Commercial or Residential?

KS130066 (Small)

This is perhaps one of the most common questions I get asked at barbecues, kid’s birthday parties, social events and sometimes even at work!

Sure each person’s circumstances and reason for doing things are different, however in considering the above question, the Pro & Cons for commercial investment are as follows:


Commercial properties generally return more as an investment with … Read the full post »

Retail Shop – Turns Commercial Office

Fruit and veg (Small)After 50 years of sales the Tenambit Fruit and Vege Shop recently sold under the hammer at auction.

This marked the end of an era for fruit and vege sales, in this strip shopping centre that serviced the local community of Tenambit near Maitland.  This was the only use the building had known since it was built by … Read the full post »

Commercial Property Management Specialists

95 Pacific Hwy Charlestown - Allianz_mag (Small)The Management of Commercial, Industrial and Retail property is a specialist business. Unlike residential property each and every tenancy will have its own rule book, the Lease.  These leases can be anything from a couple of pages to ones nearing 100 pages of technical legally defined clauses. These are the rules of the game, and as a landlord you … Read the full post »

Taking Responsibility for Ourselves

R&H world map

As anyone who read my last editorial would know I’m concerned for the Hunter Region and where we are headed and where we are being lead.  $340 million seems like a lot of money and those in charge are bending gratefully in subservience to those casting the crumbs over our city. But really what does $340 million buy?  Try 8 km of freeway link, half … Read the full post »

Newcastle's 2nd Best Tag

Newcastle rai; (Small)Admittedly I too was excited to hear a decision had been made on the rail but when you look at it, what was the decision?

As I said in this very magazine 4 years ago the rail is the least of our concerns as a city and a region. At that time GPT was spoofing about leaving if the rail wasn’t removed! Leaving – were they ever coming … Read the full post »

Office Space Still in Decline in Newcastle

20090825_0798 (Small)Recently the Property Council of Australia held their annual conference where they released the office vacancy data for both metropolitan and regional areas across Australia.

With a hot breakfast in front of us and a ballroom full of eager participants, we were keen to see how our steel city had faired against the major players of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth.

Whilst … Read the full post »

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