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Irrational Economics

KS130069 (Small)Last month one of darndest things occurred in real estate that effects just about all who are trying to lease or sell commercial property. That thing was the massive increase in price to promote property online with a publicly listed real estate portal. For instance the Newcastle CBD listing charge went from $1,950 for a (3) month campaign to $5,655.  One explanation for the increase in prices that has been … Read the full post »

Lack of Insurance Can be Costly

Sewer Damage (Small)Just look at the damage one plastic floor waste did when it blocked a sewer system and caused sewer to flow through (2) high class commercial properties, leaving the Landlord with a repair bill of around $6,800.  The cost of not having or having incorrect insurance can be immeasurable both personally and for business.

Fires and floods happen; people slip, … Read the full post »