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Lack of Insurance Can be Costly

Sewer Damage (Small)Just look at the damage one plastic floor waste did when it blocked a sewer system and caused sewer to flow through (2) high class commercial properties, leaving the Landlord with a repair bill of around $6,800.  The cost of not having or having incorrect insurance can be immeasurable both personally and for business.

Fires and floods happen; people slip, … Read the full post »

Maintaining Your Property

DSC_0001 (Small)Keeping your property clean and repairs and maintenance up to date to avoid

Businesses are frequently targeted by vandals and damage resulting from this vandalism is often costly to repair.  Fortunately, taking a few measures can greatly reduce the likelihood of vandalism occurring.  The other day I was listening to a man on the radio talking about ways to avoid vandalism. … Read the full post »