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95 Pacific Hwy Charlestown - Allianz_mag (Small)The Management of Commercial, Industrial and Retail property is a specialist business. Unlike residential property each and every tenancy will have its own rule book, the Lease.  These leases can be anything from a couple of pages to ones nearing 100 pages of technical legally defined clauses. These are the rules of the game, and as a landlord you must adhere to them. The management of these leases is where the specialist Property Manager comes in. Raine & Horne Commercial Management already manages more than 700 tenancies and associated leases with four full time Professional Commercial Property Managers. Management requires a number of skills including;

Rent Recovery As property managers our role is to keep you informed of the difficult process of rent recovery from tenants. Too many times tenants view the landlords as unsecured overdraft facilities and it is our managers role to enforce the lease obligations of the tenant.

Outgoing Recovery On many occasions when taking over a property that has been managed by residential specialists our property managers find that some or all of the outgoings have not been billed to the tenant. This component of a Commercial investment is vital to the returns you achieve and our managers assure all the legally recoverable outgoings are paid.

Rental Increases Most Commercial, Industrial and Retail Leases allow for annual rental increases. Each property we manage is diarised for the rental increases to be implemented by the due date. Complications can occur with Market Review clauses and our managers have access to all the resources of our Leasing department. This enables free and ac curate advice on the setting of new rents.

Make Good An important step when finding a new tenant is having the premises presented at their very best. As part of a vacating inspection our property managers ensure that the relevant clauses within the lease are adhered to by the tenant in reinstating the premises. They organise trades to quote on repairs and generally
assist the tenant, where time is of the essence for completion of these works.

Guarantees These are often over looked by solicitors and as part of our management check list our managers make sure that Bank Guarantees are held by your solicitor and that any security deposit is in place. For a retail lease they ensure the bond is transferred to the Retail Tenancy Unit of NSW Government.

When your property is managed by Raine & Horne Commercial you are automatically listed for lease so if your property becomes vacant then the full resources of our commercial leasing and sales department are at your disposal to ensure any vacancy is filled in the shortest possible time.

Steven Dick
Raine & Horne Commercial Newcastle


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