Commercial Real Estate Databases – The top 3 tips about database marketing!

It is easy to determine that the main and most successful areas of marketing commercial real estate is internet, signboard and in some instances print media publications, but successful agencies also have a comprehensive database with a qualified, cashed up ‘well’ of potential buyers and lessees wanting information about your property.

What you don’t realise is how much enquiry a well maintained buyers database can influence the marketing process and expedite a possible sale.

1) Registered buyers – that’s right. All contacts entered into a viable marketing database are voluntarily listed, categorised and catered for based on their interests and spending capacity.
When appraising a potential listing – a good agent always knows prepare a ‘buyers match’ to see the potential number of current buyers the property can be direct marketed to before the listing even hits the internet.

2) Email (just listed) alerts – As soon as your property is listed and suitable marketing material prepared, an alert will be issued to applicable parties registered on your commercial agent’s database. This is an efficient and direct way to reach a concentrated group of potential buyers. In fact, an alert to an existing database can generate up to 37% of the overall campaigns enquiry.
Take a small investment that was sold earlier this year at Jesmond for example; the total campaign consisted of a combination digital & print media:

Although the internet understandably generated the most interest, the secondary source of interest was pulled from our cultivated list of registered buyers.
The subject property; a fully tenanted three shop investment sold under the hammer, $117,000 above reserve to a registered database member looking for investments of this nature once again proved the value in an effective buyers database.

3) Be the first to know – Many commercial real estates value the time and participation of their clients on their databases. As a benefit to registering your interest with your commercial real estate agent you will often be the first to know of any upcoming property suitable to your needs, developments, local area knowledge and upcoming events such as auctions & open for inspections. Take the lead with your next commercial property purchase or lease and have your agent working for you by registering on their database.
Not only will you be the first in the know you will have the ability to specify what property information you do and don’t want to receive by liaising with your agent and communicating your expectations clearly.

Effective database management that specialises in Commercial Real Estate can be a real ticket to securing your next commercial real estate transaction in a more effective and timely manner in conjunction with a tailored marketing campaign that caters for commercial property and not just any property.

Matt Nelson
Real Estate Agent – 15 years

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