Holiday Boredom?

Yes we all know that at times over the Christmas Holidays, you get sick of hearing of old Aunty Joan’s scrap booking tales or about the bumper season of Iceberg lettuce that grandad has had in his backyard veggie garden.

So what happens then……………………..well people start to look to their computers, phones and smart devices to break the boredom or get some down time away from the kids.

Year in year out we see plenty of online activity and enquiry over the holiday season. For this reason it is very important to have your property advertised with the best possible price together with the property itself being presented in good shape.

Often, buyers or tenants will view a property online, then jump in the car and drive past to check out the façade, location and surrounds.

So even though the Christmas holidays are a quieter time, the masses are still watching. Be ready people!

Written by Jason Morris
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