In these modern times of recycling, solar energy and being environmentally friendly, we keep hearing the same phrases more and more.  Can you reduce your carbon footprint?  Is it green friendly?

It seems as though every year there is a new government initiative to combat anything that is environmentally unfriendly.

Without getting started on the carbon tax, you might wonder how does this tie back to commercial real estate??  Well the buildings we deal with are huge part of the ecological sustainability equation.

Imagine the amount of power commercial office buildings or some of those big old industrial warehouses churn through on a daily basis whilst the rest of us try and do our bit using solar power on our houses and filling up our recycling bins.

Fact is whether we like it or not, we eventually have to update to the new “greener” ways of life or we will get left behind.

So replace those old light globes, get rid of the old air conditioner and install the solar power panels you have been thinking about.

Truth is…….it really is easy being green, maybe you just haven’t tried it!

Jason Morris

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