NH Cycleway Artist Impression (08-13) (Small)So the time has come to relocate your office space.   The space you have no longer suits as it is too small, too big, too old, too dear…..the list goes on.

You call Raine & Horne Commercial Newcastle and they show you through some great commercial premises that really suit your needs.

Your staff like the location, the building works well for you, the dollar signs line up……but wait………….where are we going to park everyday?

This is a common problem in every city and a challenge that most of us face on a day to day basis.

In the Newcastle CBD there are approx. (14) public car parking stations with varying time limits ranging from (2) hours to (8) hours paid parking.   But this is by far the most costly option, not to mention the environmental impact.

Then there are the other methods of transport such as train or bus, but these options can be hard for people to utilize especially if the timetable doesn’t suit or if the stops are far away from a person’s place of employment.

However one method of transport that has had a huge surge in popularity is cycling.

Newcastle City Council has plans to change the main street to incorporate new cycle lanes which will also include more bike racks.

As commercial real estate agents, we are coming across requests for a building to have a shower more and more often so that staff can ride to work with the comfort of being able to still be fresh and clean for the days work.

Many European countries have had this infrastructure in place for decades with huge success.

The retail world is changing through the on-line shopping and the commercial office world is starting to change in the way we commute to work.  Sometimes we are doing the complete circle and going back to a time when things were simple.  The changing commuter habits are one such example and it is good to see Councils such as Sydney and Newcastle pro-active in facilitating this healthy change.

If you are looking for new premises, be inclusive with your staff and consult their needs as well as the needs of the businesses.   By doing this you may be able to overcome the parking hurdle on an otherwise perfect commercial premise.

Jason Morris
Commercial/Industrial Specialist

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