Maintaining Your Property

DSC_0001 (Small)Keeping your property clean and repairs and maintenance up to date to avoid

Businesses are frequently targeted by vandals and damage resulting from this vandalism is often costly to repair.  Fortunately, taking a few measures can greatly reduce the likelihood of vandalism occurring.  The other day I was listening to a man on the radio talking about ways to avoid vandalism.  In particular he was referring to broken windows and the fact that if a property is left with a broken window that isn’t promptly repaired it will encourage further vandalism.  This usually occurs as more broken windows in that property as well as the surrounding ones.  Graffiti also attracts more vandalism and is often easier to clean it up straight away.  There are free graffiti removal kits available or you can pay for a service to remove it for you. and permits/graffiti and safety.

Rubbish left lying around can encourage people to dump their rubbish too.  So obviously it seems advisable to keep your property clean and well maintained.  This is also advisable when you are selling or leasing out your property as first impressions have a huge impact.

Keep a good relationship with the surrounding businesses and encourage them to do the same.  Perhaps offering friendly advice or even a helping hand to clean up vandalism could be an easy solution to reduce the frequency of attacks in your area.  Obviously not everyone has a lot of spare time but if it meant less in the cost of repairs and cleaning and ultimately an increase in traffic to your business then it would definitely be worthwhile.

Brett Ballantyne
Commercial/Industrial Specialist


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