Maitland's City Centre Revitalisation Gaining Momentum

Housing development in Central Maitland has been given a boost with the signing off on the funding agreement detailing the terms of its $11.3 million grant from the Federal Governments ‘Building better Regional Cities’ (BBRC) program.

Part of the funding will be used to upgrade Athel D’Ombrain Drive to help stimulate housing development in Central Maitland.  The upgrade will provide an alternative route to High Street and become the city centres public transport hub.  Funding will also contribute to the upgrade of Maitland Train Stations parking and a new round about.

General Manager David Evan said ‘signing the agreement provides the next step in council achieving the main goals of the project.  It confirms funding for the project and the mechanisms that will be used to establishing a new housing market in Central Maitland by delivering affordable housing to new residents through the payment of rebates to qualified home buyers’.

The project is expected to be rolled out over the next two to three years and will incorporate the building of up to 130 residential units and it’s anticipated the housing will be available to qualified affordable home buyers between now and 2016.

Planning for the Athel D’Ombrain Drive corridor is underway and is one of the significant infrastructure projects to be delivered in Maitland over the next few years as a part of the ongoing revitalisation of Maitland’s City Centre.

A new housing development such as this is sure to give the local business owner’s confidence in the Council’s strategies to repopulate the city through providing affordable housing. As the numbers of people living in Central Maitland increase so will the demand on local services which I am sure current and future businesses will only be too happy to provide.

Paul Tilden

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