Maitland’s Demand for Commercial and Retail Space is on the Rise!

Commercial Space enquiry is on the increase following Maitland Council move to open the Heritage Mall to vehicle traffic. These are positive signs for businesses occupying Retail Space as they will capitalise on the increased exposure opening the mall will have on their businesses.

Good progress is being made with the council appointing an urban designer who, after many workshops and consultations, has drafted twelve principles to be used in the strategic vision of the project.

These principles have a range of ideas focusing on the Mall precinct becoming;

  • the centrepiece of the city with a strong tourism appeal,
  • a booming night time economy,
  • a diverse shopping, dining and entertainment sector and
  • active in developing a relationship between High Street and the Hunter River.

To help build the recognition of the precinct it was suggested a strategy to develop the brand as a “High Street Central, the Heart and Soul of historic Maitland”

Some of the ideas focused on;

  • the boutique style of retail shops on offer,
  • establishing more cafes with fine and casual dining options,
  • Repopulating the city through housing expansion and affordable shop top living.

All ideas were designed on improving the current infrastructure and increasing the number of people shopping, dining and living in Maitland’s CBD.

The planning stage is progressing and Council are confident the Mall component of the works will be completed in 2014 opening the Mall to traffic flow through the High Street.

This will be a huge benefit to Commercial and Retail business owners established in the Mall and those looking at the great opportunities that will arise from the redevelopment of the Commercial and Retail space in Mall and Maitland’s CBD.

Paul Tilden
Commercial/Industrial Maitland Specialist

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