More to do to harness Supercars opportunity

The Supercars have motored off into the sunset. For those in the accommodation industry, the TV coverage of the event is excellent for business as it paints our town in a very impressive light.

Supercars in Newcastle benefit to the hospitality industry

Somewhat ironically, the decision by rock band Kiss to pull out of the event proved excellent kick along for the city’s hospitality industry. With fans unable to rock and roll all night within the cauldron of the race precinct, they were forced to look for alternative entertainment in the Newcastle CBD. Therefore, Kiss’s cancellation was a blessing for the city’s restaurants, hotels and cafes who have had a tough time over the past two years.

In future, Newcastle City Council must seriously consider how businesses outside the Newcastle 500’s cauldron can prosper and allowing the fans to spill out early looking for the City to provide the action and not be constrained in the Super Cars mobile shopping centre and fun park is the perfect way.

Post written by Steve Dick
0425 302 771

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