Real Estate Technology and Those it Leaves Behind!

As I sit here writing my first ever blog it makes me think “Wow” look how technology has evolved and worked its way into our lives and the way we do things.

When I first started in real estate in the late nineties mobile phones were still a relative novelty and had only just started to offer SMS texting.  The fax machine had evolved from a roller print mechanism to printing on A4 paper and that strange thing called the internet had been created and was starting to come into our working lives….albeit very, very slowly!

These days as we all know we hear about blog this, tweet that, a like here and a comment there.  We see it on the TV, we hear it on the radio and we read it in the newspapers and the harsh reality is that if you don’t like it or more importantly cant adapt to it than unfortunately you will be left behind.

If you are not a property owner looking to sell or lease a property than it may not affect you so much, but if you are, than you must keep up with the times to give yourself the best opportunity of doing a deal.

So for those owners that are keen to get their property sold or leased, the message is clear, make sure your agent is using the available technology to your best advantage.

Smart phones and devices, social media, websites, blogs etc are all part of the Raine & Horne Commercial Newcastle armory and these are the things that will help deliver success to those wanting to lease, sell, manage or buy commercial real estate in the Newcastle area.

Jason Morris
Industrial & Commercial Specialist

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