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The Evolution of Sport and their Associated Buildings

As most people would have seen or come across, it is not uncommon for a former Commercial office building or an industrial warehouse to be converted into residential dwellings and/or hotels – providing that the zoning allows.

In Newcastle right now we are seeing the CBD post office premises proposed to be converted into a hotel; much like other examples that have happened in other major cities -the Westin in Sydney … Read the full post »

Raine & Horne Industrial Average Just Released

Once a year the big talk in property circles is about is about the Property Council’s Office Market indicator. Yet is this a true reflection of the state of our regional economy? The focus has always been about the CBD of Newcastle when the majority of the people of the region rarely if ever come into the centre of Newcastle. Raine & Horne Commercial Newcastle has just released its half … Read the full post »

What's Happening in the Real Estate Sector?

Recently Newcastle was lauded for having the lowest A-Grade vacancy in Australia at (2.7%).  This is a tremendous result, but is the market really that good?  It’s my belief that the take up in A-Grade space is a clear signal that some of the mature firms around the City are looking to better their image and provide a working environment conducive … Read the full post »

Rent Alternatives in Commercial Real Estate Today

The rents in commercial property in Newcastle are varied and made up of different components.  The investor in commercial real estate should be completely aware of the differences between net and gross rentals given the property location and type of property in which they are interested or perhaps own.  Local market knowledge will always help with property decisions … Read the full post »

Commercial Real Estate – Are You Wasting Time?

Isn’t the true art to business, adaption and planning? What does it really matter if we have a Labour or Liberal Government?  Does it really matter if we have a carbon tax, a railway line in the city, figs or no figs?  Business has to adapt to the circumstance, rules and the environment it finds itself in.  It doesn’t mean business agrees or believes that the … Read the full post »