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A great example of the old meeting the new!

So often these days we hear the terms urbanisation or modernisation, but what does that actually mean in terms of the buildings?

Well generally it all starts with the properties zoning which can free up many more uses than the properties former life. Commonly the properties are industrial or office buildings that have already been surrounded by residential development.

Take the example of 12 Power Street, Islington…. Read the full post »

Newcastle – Beware Media Distraction

From the outside, things are looking pretty good in the Lower Hunter. In the city we have a new court house coming to fruition, we have work started on the new University building and whilst the design has created controversy, it is a statement for our time. It’s different and that’s what we need. We got a glimpse of what might be coming with a video on the interchange. We have had the Mayor of Newcastle and head … Read the full post »

The Hunter Region Needs Change !

Baths B&W
Over the past few months some of Newcastle and the Hunters’ high profile individuals have been copping a pizzling by the media. A lot of this is just cyber bullying in the name of freedom of the press. Why then are we surprised to hear of kids being cyber bullied in the playground when from the time the News starts through to the current affairs programs they … Read the full post »

Taking Responsibility for Ourselves

R&H world map

As anyone who read my last editorial would know I’m concerned for the Hunter Region and where we are headed and where we are being lead.  $340 million seems like a lot of money and those in charge are bending gratefully in subservience to those casting the crumbs over our city. But really what does $340 million buy?  Try 8 km of freeway link, half … Read the full post »

What can be done to arrest the AGING of the HUNTER REGION

ITF028009In a commercial world – that being the world where we spend to exist, trade money for goods and services – we need the population spending to sustain its very existence.  There is plenty of data available showing that in a Western economy household spending peaks in the bracket from 46–50 years of age.  This spending increases through your life, really … Read the full post »