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Thinking about a retail investment? Here’s what you should know

Commercial retail investing is often much more complicated than its residential cousin, but its superior cash flow can make it worth the while for enthusiastic investors, a real estate agent has advised.

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I’ve started using Uber. Yes I have succumbed to the concept in of all places the home of Uber, San Francisco. Is it that I’m mellowing or just giving up on the tide of inevitability where big businesses can defy governments, and the laws to push their own agendas? All for what has become the seemingly sacrosanct right to preserve share holder value.

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An Interesting Part of Newcastle's CBD – Soon to be Sold!

Newcastle City Council are selling one of their assets.

Formerly the Newcastle School of Arts building; 182 Hunter Street is opposite the Urban Growth/GPT development site and also takes in both Wolfe and Scott Street frontages.

Listed as a heritage item of local significance, the site and the building have intrinsic links to Newcastle’s early history.

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The Hunter Region Needs Change !

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Over the past few months some of Newcastle and the Hunters’ high profile individuals have been copping a pizzling by the media. A lot of this is just cyber bullying in the name of freedom of the press. Why then are we surprised to hear of kids being cyber bullied in the playground when from the time the News starts through to the current affairs programs they … Read the full post »

It's Time to Invest – But Should we go Commercial or Residential?

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This is perhaps one of the most common questions I get asked at barbecues, kid’s birthday parties, social events and sometimes even at work!

Sure each person’s circumstances and reason for doing things are different, however in considering the above question, the Pro & Cons for commercial investment are as follows:


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Taking Responsibility for Ourselves

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As anyone who read my last editorial would know I’m concerned for the Hunter Region and where we are headed and where we are being lead.  $340 million seems like a lot of money and those in charge are bending gratefully in subservience to those casting the crumbs over our city. But really what does $340 million buy?  Try 8 km of freeway link, half … Read the full post »

Local Investors Shine in Commercial Property

Local Hunter and Newcastle investors have been the stand-outs in a recent analysis of investment sales.

In a survey of (8) commercial and industrial investment property sales representing $16,000,000 in value (75%) of the total were purchased by locals.

Yields varied from a low of (8,5%) to (11%) and reflected variations in the quality of tenants and length of leases.

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