Taking Responsibility for Ourselves

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As anyone who read my last editorial would know I’m concerned for the Hunter Region and where we are headed and where we are being lead.  $340 million seems like a lot of money and those in charge are bending gratefully in subservience to those casting the crumbs over our city. But really what does $340 million buy?  Try 8 km of freeway link, half a real campus in the City for Newcastle University and probably some other minor infrastructure items that should be funded from our $2 billion annual contribution to the State through Mining Royalties.

$340 million is just crumbs and to a community starved of proportional and
appropriate funding why are we are running around being grateful?

Lets get real!  How long can the planet afford to burn fossil fuels at this ever
increasing rate? And when we come to our senses what, will our region be left
with? Considering the coal royalties are not being invested here to support
a diversified future economy what can be done?

Sydney’s Second Airport and Very Fast Train Link, that’s the only project out
there. (According to Deloitte Access Economics in 2012.)

“Airports are capital intensive businesses, underpinned by their principal role as transport infrastructure providers. As such, airports are deeply linked into most economic activities, with these linkages increasingly driven by growth in leisure tourism and the regional expansion of strategic resource and agricultural activities.”

An airport the size of Brisbane (and that is what’s needed) directly employs 16,000 people, we currently have 16,200 unemployed. Downstream it creates around 50,000 jobs. Add to this the ability to move the majority of passengers to Sydney quickly via a Very Fast Train and we have a more opportunities.  WHY AREN’T OUR

I recently travelled back from overseas knowing full well that one should wear pressure stockings, drink water, and get up and move around but did I – NO. So I was at risk of a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). Well I was warned but took no heed and am
now paying the consequences. So when we read via Harry Dent, that Greece’s unemployment is 27% and rising Spanish youth unemployment is 57%, collapsing commodity prices are effecting the emerging economies, that China is undergoing mass internal migration off the land to the cities, that the US recovery is driven by monetary and fiscal stimulus lent to banks and brokerage firms for speculation. We are
being warned of further financial crisis.

I wonder where my superannuation will end up? Maybe now might be the time to look at more well placed real estate investments. Time to start taking responsibilities for ourselves, personally and as a region.

Steven Dick
Director – Raine & Horne Commercial

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