The Evolution of Sport and their Associated Buildings

As most people would have seen or come across, it is not uncommon for a former Commercial office building or an industrial warehouse to be converted into residential dwellings and/or hotels – providing that the zoning allows.

In Newcastle right now we are seeing the CBD post office premises proposed to be converted into a hotel; much like other examples that have happened in other major cities -the Westin in Sydney being a great example.

But what happens to those buildings that were once built with specific uses, in particular for sport.  For example a squash centre.

The evolution of sport has seen what were once thriving popular sports disappear almost completely and be replaced by more modern activities such as cross-fit, yoga and trampolining.

In Newcastle, the squash seen in the 70s/80s/90s was huge, however one-by-one the custom built high roof buildings have been either converted to other uses or have been demolished completely and replaced with new residential/commercial buildings.

The underlying element is that building owners need to be open to adaptation of different uses.

Recent successful examples we have encountered are bowling clubs being converted to childcare centres at Waratah and Broadmeadow, basketball courts being converted to a trampoline centre at Gateshead, bulky goods warehouse/showroom converted to a skate park centre at Warners Bay and squash courts converted to commercial office space at Charlestown.

So don’t be afraid to think outside the square!  Evolution of sport is here and there are plenty of great business ideas that may have a use within your building.

The former Charlestown Squash Centre – these days is a thriving office building.

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